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Your Payments

We are the right choice if you need fast, efficient and easy transactions, because of our successful collaboration with Paxum.

Plan your financial life

Save money in your account and plan your monthly payments automatically.

International transactions: one click away

Transfer or receive money from all over the world easily by following simple steps.

Send money to your local accounts

This option is available for more than 100 countries; you just have to register your own bank account.

Save your valuable time

Open an account with us and save time by accessing to really practical transactions, clear steps to follow and rapid processes.


Our team will be ready to solve all your problems when making online transactions; 24/7 customer support making sure the processes are effective and fast.


We have different sorts of accounts to offer, do you own a business? Don’t worry, we have the Business Account made for all your requirements.

Our Personal Account is also an option for you if your transactions are not related to business.


  • Receive payments
  • Transfer funds to your local accounts
  • Pay your employees all over the world
  • Nelfin users will have fees benefits
  • Keep track of your business’ growth: incomes and expenses
  • Plan your payments


  • Receive money
  • Program your monthly expenses
  • Plan your financial life and save money!
  • Pay your purchases worldwide
  • Transfer money to Nelfin users with fee benefits
  • Transfer money to other financial platforms
  • Transfer your funds to your local account

business colleagues


We have different groups of clients, in which one are you?

  • Clients with business needs: with Nelfin you will find advantages for your business in terms of saving money and time. Program withdrawals, monthly expenses, receive payments all the time, create a portfolio for your savings, send money to Nelfin users, and wire to bank accounts.
  • Clients with individual needs: are you a busy person? Do you find exhausting managing your finances? If you are looking for a platform which can help you with your financial struggles such as, keeping record of your expenses, planning your purchases and expenses, receiving money and sending money effectively and easily Nelfin is the right choice.
  • Clients who need a custom service: do you like having exclusive services? Contact us to get more information about our custom financial plans for our VIP clients.


Take a look at customers’ opinions about us

Alexandru Arden - Engineer

“I used to have the wrong relationship with my money, I never had control of it, but now with Nelfin I can say I finally changed the way I manage my expenses; not only that I can save money for future emergencies, but also I can send money to my relatives and friends”.

Cristina Abreu - Professor

“I am new in the world of internet; I had no idea of what it was to have my money in a platform. What I like the most about Nelfin is the excellent customer service they provide, they are always available for me when I have issues with my transfers; I even had the privilege to receive a custom financial plan made just for me. Thank you Nelfin!”

Daniel Soros - Entrepreneur

“I took my business to the next level with Nelfin, it is very easy to receive payments and pay my staff; I am definitely very satisfied with the service, I keep track of every movement and the accounting of my businesses is incredible”


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